How to Play Dragon Mania Legends: Amazing Game Features

Now that you have the full version of Dragon Mania Legends software installed on your PC, the next step is to know how to play the game. Take note that there are two ways to work on the gameplay of this match. The first method is through the touch controls on your laptop or PC. It is important to note that this method will only work on PCs and laptops that come with a touchscreen feature.


If your PC or laptop has this feature, you need to go to the settings and switch to tablet mode. After switching to tablet mode, you can now play the game through your PC or laptop touchscreen. The other method is through the keyboard and mouse control scheme. Within this process, players can control the W, A, S, and D keys on the keyboard. On the other hand, the mouse will confirm actions and click on in-game tabs, if any. Well, that’s all you need to know about the game for now, at least. So, your next quest is to put that knowledge into action by downloading the game today. Good luck and enjoy it!

How to Download Dragon Mania Legends on PC

Playing the game seems to be fun and exciting. But before you know and experience everything about the game, downloading it should be your first step. To start the process, you need to have a working PC and a stable internet connection. If you are reading this, you have both, which means you can proceed to the next step. Make sure to follow each of these guidelines to download the game and try with friends quickly.



  1. First, You can click on the “Play for Free” you see anywhere on this page. The “Play for Free” button will initiate the installer’s download, which will serve as your primary tool to install the game on your PC. The Games.Lol installer is a unique android PC installer tool that will allow you to install games on your PC. It will also enable you to access a store that houses other free-to-play games. So, remember, having the installer set-up on your PC is the primary thing that you need.
  2. After that, a dialogue box will pop up on your desktop once you click the “Play for Free” button. Click the yes button to agree to the terms of use. Once done, this action will proceed with the download and installation process.
  3. Next, wait and leave the rest to the installer. It will take several minutes for the program to access the Dragon Mania Legends on your PC fully.
  4. Lastly, the game will immediately start after the installation process. Take note It will have its shortcut on your computer desktop for easier access.

Well, that’s all the steps that you need to follow. Easy and simple right? So, if you have some free time today and feel like playing this game, don’t hesitate to download it on now. Besides, everything would be so much fun if you’ve got your friends and co-gamers to join you.