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Dragon Mania Legends: Exciting Game Updates & Features

Dragon Mania Updates


Dragon Mania Legends is an ever-developing game, which means it is a guarantee to last a long time. This matter is why the game receives regular content drops and balance updates from the developer regularly. Usually, these updates only contain bug fixes and adjustments to the play. However, there are times when the game receives huge content drops, especially when there is an upcoming event. Concerning content drops, let’s take a quick overview of three of the game’s latest updates.

Latest Game Version of Dragon Mania Legends

The latest version of the game reveals that the Time Rift finally arrives at the game. For avid players and fans, this is the best time to take on the tyrants and catch it all for yourself. Another exciting part is that anyone can add Ultimate Chronos to your collection and even match with the Chrono Divine Dragons.


There are a lot more features and improvements that Dragon Mania Legends brings to its players. One of the updates is a new dragon collection and new horizons in Dragonlandia. A glowing island also awaits adventurers on the shores in the form of Gem Island. Here, you can purchase the island and get some of the available spaces to nest and evolve your Dragons. Plus, more and more breeds of dragons are ready for every player to expand their collection and get explored.

While the game is still evolving and still updating some errors, few more features will indeed get updated from time to time. These changes will not only help the players to gain more excitement towards the gameplay but also within the breeding and evolution of the dragons as well.


Indeed, a lot of things happened in Dragonlandia. Like there are new dragons, new events, and new quests are currently taking place in the game. So, that means when you download the game today, you can still participate in these epic events and collect legendary dragons. You know, it’s never too late to breed those dragons! Click on the “Play for Free” button on your screen and get Dragon Mania Legends Animal Fantasy free on PC.