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Mysterious, imaginative, and ambitious, are just some of the most iconic traits of a dragon, as per the Chinese zodiac. As the only mythical creature among the 12 signs, the Chinese treat the dragon as the most auspicious among the bunch. It also states that those who are born under this sign come with innate characteristics of a leader.

Dragon is a term derived from the Latin word “Draconem” which means “huge serpent”. It originates from the Ancient Greeks term “drákōn,” which translates to “serpent, giant sea fish” in English. Dragons, for the most part, appear or represented in various cultures around the world. In Egypt for example, the Ouroboros, Apep, and Nehebkau are mythical creatures the befitting a dragon. Another example is Vṛtra, which is a Verdic serpent/dragon in Hinduism.

With that said, it’s safe to say that the modern depiction of dragons is a combination of the most basic, if not common characteristics based on the various cultural representations. Now, if you are among the millions of people who find these creatures fascinating, then, a dragon-breeding-simulation game likes Dragon Mania Legends is definitely worth checking out. Become a dragon master today by simply clicking on the Play Now Button on your screen.

Now that you have an overview of the basic origin and characteristics of dragons, the next best thing to do is have an interactive or hands-on experience with these beasts. That said, Dragon Mania Legends from video game titan Gameloft SE is one of the best dragon simulations available in the free-to-play genre of games. Check out some of the most interesting features of this highly immersive game below.

Brilliant Graphics

Also, Dragon Mania Legends comes from the highly acclaimed video game development studios of Gameloft. For those familiar with the company, you already know what to expect in terms of gameplay and presentation. For those, however, who are new to the brand, Gameloft is the studio/publisher of some of the biggest and highly acclaimed free-to-play video game franchises in the industry. Modern Combat, Nitro Street Racing, N.O.V.A. Legacy, Asphalt, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six/Splinter Cell/Ghost Recon, etc. are just some of the biggest franchises under its flagship. In other words, expect high definition graphics, fluid animation, seamless gameplay, and tons of content packed into a single game.

Expansive Campaigns

Dragon Mania Legends features an immersive story campaign spread across enemy-occupied islands. The main story is contained in a series of quests divided into five categories; main quests, boss quests, side quests, rusty gates, and mines. Campaigns are playable in two different modes; normal and heroic. Normal mode is the default difficulty while heroic requires the reconquering of the third island in the first mode. Jump into an epic adventure across Dragonlandia and free the land from the smelly Vikings.

Breed Dragons

Of course, one of the most interesting features in Dragon Mania Legends is having the ability to breed your own army of dragons. Discover a diverse collection of over 600 species of dragons just waiting to be unleashed. In addition, Dragon Mania Legends breeding also comes equipped with a unique simulation engine that requires more than just hatching dragon eggs. To make it more interesting, players who take extra care of their dragons receive extra gold and other bonuses.

Build the Ultimate Dragon City

In addition to breeding and collecting dragons, Dragon Mania Legends also allow players to design and build his own dragon city. Players need to build necessary structures to progress further into the game. Breeding Den, Hatchery, Farms, and temples are examples of such structures.

Epic Competitive Battles

Dragon Mania Legends breeding game is more than just creating the perfect haven for dragons. All the dragon feeding, upgrading, and training will eventually lead to competitive battles against other dragon breeders. Engaging in competitive battles toughens up your dragons, thus, allowing them to evolve into legendary animal heroes of Dragonlandia.

In addition to regular battles, players can either start their own clan or join an existing clan. Some of the clan benefits include chat with other members, ask donations, send automated messages, access to clan quests, access to the clan dragon, and so much more. Moreover, participation in epic clan battles provides access to unique rewards.

Seasonal Events

Dragon Mania Legends, like most online games, also features seasonal events that come with special rewards. Each item, reward, decoration, and other knick-knacks carefully tailored to match the season. Dragon breeders who like rare dragons are very much welcome to participate in these events. On top of that are the limited-time dragons like Dragon of the Month, Dragon of the Week, and so much more.

Dragon Mania Legends is a brilliant game perfect for fans of the adventure, city-building, and RPG video game genre. By combining some of the most sought out elements found in various genres, they were able to create an amazing game as majestic as the mythical dragon itself. Check out the game today share it with your friends and begin your quest to free Dragonlandia today!

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Download and Play Dragon Mania Legends on PC, MAC FREE now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Dragon Mania Legends – Animal Fantasy Screenshot
Dragon Mania Legends – Animal Fantasy Screenshot

Play and Download Dragon Mania Legends Now Available on PC & Mac FREE!